Oct 17, 2007


Just want to brag on Jaron tonight. He is such a great creative kiddo! He is a great big brother though at times he still says he wishes he was an only child. A few weeks ago we got his mid term grades. All A's except penmanship which was a failing grade. He just didn't want to take the time to write slowly...
too many pressing things to do outside you see. Well we took his bike away from him and told him he had to start taking the time to do his work neatly. Well he got his grades today and I am pleased to announce he got straight A's and turned that failing grade into a B! I told him he did fantastic! He was pretty hard on himself wanted it to be an A. We reassured him that we are very proud of him and next time he can strive for that A.
Honestly I want him to succeed in school and if he does his best and only gets a C that is fine with us as long as he has done his best! Jaron is a great kid, brother, son and student. So YEA JARON! WAY TO GO BUDDY!

We haven't gotten Kristofer's yet will let you know how he did for his first grading period of kindergarden!

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Michele said...

WAY TO GO JARON- Nice work