Oct 27, 2007

The Astroid that Got to close to Earth by Kristofer age 5 1/2

Ok, the kids got out of school yesterday at 11:30 and did not have school today either. Teachers training days or something like that. needless to say it has rained here all week and has been dull, cold (high of 60 was the highest all week), and rainy. Does not produce a great time for the kids to be home. Specially Kristofer cause it means I have to get really creative on how to keep him from coming unglued.
But today has been a relatively quiet day today. Tonight we carved out a pumpkin and added cross ears. The kids love the smells, I always add Cinnamon inside the pumpkin and on the lid, it smells like pumpkin pie in our house right now. Kris has been quiet and calm most of the day and then at at 10 pm (Friday night is the only night they get to stay up late) he became a wild talking man! He did not stop talking for 1/2 an hour! Honestly I didn't think I would ever get him to stop talking! It was actually very funny!
Needless to say during all the talking he was drawing pictures as well. That is when he began telling Jaron and I his story! Hope you love it as much as we did! It's the first time he has talked so much, so clear and had a purpose in the talking. He wasn't rambling just retelling us the story over and over again!

The Asteroid that Got to Close to Earth
by Kristofer age 5 1/2
One day two spacemen went into space. They saw the sun, all the beautiful planets, the starts and the big dipper. They saw 100 thousand asteroids, they were going around the planets. Then the spacemen traveled around the planets. There was a huge asteroid and it was heading to earth to crush it. They used the magnets and pulled it to the sun. They saved the earth. They were the biggest heroes in the universe. Then their spaceship ran out of power and they were heading to Pluto. They landed on Pluto and fixed their spaceship. Then they hurried back to home on earth. They were happy to be home and to be super heroes. They were given $10,000 million dollars so they could buy a bunny.
The bunny talked to them and they screamed, "ah ah ah!" and the bunny said to stop screaming and then he went to outer space.
The END!

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