Oct 20, 2007


Just an update for those of you that I did not write. I saw the doctor thisweek for my knee. I have dislocated the knee cap and it is now traveling. In other words it does not track right and is not in its correct position. So I am going to PT (physical therapy) or maybe it should be called PT (physical torture). Now don't get me wrong the exercises I have to do are easy BUT due to the lack of strength and the kind of injury I have they are extremely painful.
I am suppose to excerise twice a day and on the days I go to therapy the PT pushes me for more reps and will eventually add more exercises and weights. Right now it takes everything I got to do 12 reps of each movement and by Tuesday I have to be up to 15 because the PT wants me to do 20 with her. I have 9 different movements that I had to do and she told me she plans to add one new one every appointment. In total I will eventually have 15 different exercises to do with my knee and since my other is not in the best of shape either I am doing the same exercises with that leg.
Anyway just say a prayer that all of this works so that I do not end up having surgery and having to start all of this again!

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