Oct 12, 2007

Friends from home and then some...

Yesterday we were blessed to have some friends from home come to visit us!
Tammy and Tim came and it was like a breath of fresh air all the way from Florida. It was great to see how God has been moving in and changing Tim. He was a very struggling teen who desperately needed God. He found Him in a real sense in a program through Teen Challenge. Thank God there are programs out there that can reach these struggling teens!
It was great to have time to talk with Tammy. She is a dear friend and prayer warrior! She is a true blessing to Sean & I.
Then today out of the blue (ok so they called Monday to let us know they were coming) our dear friends, Mike and Marty came to visit us for a couple of days!
They are our best friends! I went to college with them and they were in our wedding. They have to wonderful kids who also struggle with some issues such as SID and PDD-NOS. Their kids have made such strides! They are a blessing to us! If it had not been for them we probably would not be were we are today with Kristofer. They encouraged us to seek help for Kris and get an accurate diagnosis. Mike is a special ed teacher on top of that! It's so cool how God orchestrated that one! God knew Mike was going to need his special ed training for his own kids!
Watching the kids playing together...Lucy with Sara and Jay with Kris. It was especially nice to watch Mike and Sean playing kick ball with all the boys while Marty and I were watching the girls and talking! I am so glad we live so close to them now. Just 5 1/2 hrs away! YEA!

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