Nov 26, 2007


Ahhh its good to be home! I love going on little getaway adventures! Specially when I get to visit my best friends! Thanksgiving day when Sean got home from work we packed up the kids and the dog and head to KY. I love KY! I do I admit it! I long to have a home in the country with at least 2 acres of land and a small little farm. I would love to be able to raise chickens and get fresh eggs every day. I know it sounds crazy me being a Florida beach girl but I do long to have this for my family.

We traveled 5 hours to Mt Sterling to visit our dear friends Mike, Marty, and their kids Jay and Lucy. Our kids love to play with them. Kris and Jay are best buddies and both will say when can we see each other as soon as they are apart. Sara loves to play with Lucy! The girls love to play dress up and play ponies together. What is neat about this is that Jay and Lucy both are special kids with special needs. They both deal with Sensory Issues just like our Kris.

Then it was off to release balloons for SeanPatrick. It was nice to do this once again from the cemetery. For our kids to understand that they have an older brother is important to us. What is neat is that this week has been a week of being grateful for what God has blessed us with. Jaron and I realized this week for the first time while looking at pictures of his big brother that he and SeanPatrick have the same ears. Jaron was so excited about this fact. It seemed to make his brother real to him.

From there we went out to see my uncles. My aunts had gone to Bingo...a favorite past time with them. It was so good to see my Uncle Dale and Uncle Bob. Although my Uncle Bob was a bit over taken by the kids. My kids get so excited about visiting new place. It's really hard on Kristofer because he doesn't know how to calm himself in new places. He really has a difficult time and this one wasn't any easier. We didn't stay long but they sure did fall in love with Uncle Dale. My Aunt Linda raises chickens. She has some beautiful ones. The kids fell in love with them and begged me to let them have some chickens of their own.

We stayed over night with some dear friends, Earl & Carla. They got to see Kris as well as the other 3 in their full hyperactive mode. I was so stressed and Carla was so calm. I know they had to drive her crazy. We had a great time visiting with them. The kids enjoyed getting to see all of the different things Earl has caught during his hunting trips. Earl even blessed us with a nice pancake, eggs and deer loaf for breakfast. What is deer loaf you might ask?! Well it deer meat, cheese, mushrooms all wrapped in biscuits baked in the oven. It was really good! I personally have a hard time eating deer, they are too beautiful. But I think cows are just as beautiful but I can eat a nice cheeseburger or steak anytime! I know its a mental thing....or at least I think it is.

Then we took the scenic route but eventually ended our trip at Elaine and Tim's place. It was such a nice treat to get to spend time with them! I think the next time we will make our trip start at their place! I wanted to spend more time with them than we could. They blessed us with dinner and the kids had a grand time playing with Josiah and Sam. Sara was taken with Kayla. She asked if we could have a baby sister as we drove home..... nice thought but not possible.

I love my friends! I love that we live so much closer now! Marty, Mike and Elaine are all college friends. Elaine and Marty were college roomies with me. We had so much fun living together. Not always, I remember Elaine and I really getting into a heated argument. But when it came time to decide who would stand up for us on our wedding day these three were at the top of the list! My sister was always at the top and not because she is my sister! I would not have it any other way. We also had my baby brother Bryan, Sean's brother Eugene, and my other best friend, Leah. Leah was my first roommate! Boy do we have memories! Then she became my sister n law. Not sure how that happened, God had plans I never even thought of but I sure am glad she is part of my family!

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Maddy said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time. I wish my lot liked to go to new places, but I suppose you can't have everything.
Best wishes