Nov 30, 2007


Have you ever had times when it seems like a million
thoughts go through your head and then you can't seem
to focus on anything. That has been my week.
So many things to think about, plan, wonder about.
Being a pastor's wife can be sometimes just overwhelming.
Not only do I have to pressures of being a wife and mom but
then you throw in all that comes with ministry and it
can become overwhelming. Thankfully I have a wonderful
husband who understands that.
The week after Thanksgiving and already it seems like
we are on the count down, which by the way if you want
to know exactly how much time we have till Christmas
is here check this out:
Thankfully I am done shopping for the kids and Sean.
Just have to get a few stocking stuffers and wrapping paper.
So now I can focus or so I thought earlier this week.
I am now faced with the impending knee surgery that will
inevitably take away my freedom to go anywhere. Thankfully
our church sits right next to our home. Otherwise I might go stir crazy.
I still might! There are numerous scriptures that say, Rest in the Lord.
Maybe just maybe this is His way of getting me to do that! focus this season is all about my family...celebrating
the real reason of Christmas and enjoying the freedom I am blessed with
right now, despite how limited that may be. What is your focus on this season?


Maddy said...

Well you're doing a jolly sight better than we are. There again, if we can navigate our way through the next two birthdays we'll be all set.

Maddy said...

I can see why this might be the busiest time of the year for you. [we also have a few birthdays in December just to pile the pressure on]