Jun 22, 2009

Father"s Day

Today we spent time as a famiy! Started with worshiping our Lord together, then lunch and then an afternoon of fun. We had planned a picnic but the heat was so terrible we came back and the kids played on the slippin slide. They had a blast! If you can't read the inscription under Sara it said, "Time Out- Look at that pout!" Yes she was in trouble and mad at me because I was enforcing the rules! But ya gotta laugh at the face!Kristofer is always the hesitant one when it comes to new things or things that we haven't done in a while. But today he just jumped right in and had a ball!
Watching Jaron was the funniest thing! He is getting to that age that you start to realize that throwing your self on a slippery surface is gonna hurt so he would wait till he got close to the end of the slide. It was very comical! He even missed once and went sliding off into the grass!

Last but not least is my little man Eli. He was the hesitant one. He wanted to play but was afraid the kids would slide into him and hurt him. He ended up joining the others after about 30 minutes of sideline watching with me. He was all laughter after the first few slides! As you can tell I am learning more and more how to use this new photo program (Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2). Its pretty neat and I can scrap book in a more organized way and that works for me! Now I just have to start getting my creative juices flowing a bit more and have some fun with the kids pictures. I have 8 years of pictures that need to be scrap booked and in that time I acquired 3 children...I have the first year of Jaron's life done...boy do I have my work cut out for me.

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