Jun 2, 2009


Yesterday when the kids were walking to school Kristofer found a baby bird. A hatchling. Poor thing was barely alive. Jaron begged Sean to bring it back to me and as you can see he won. I called a nature reserve and then sent me to a wild animal refuge that rehabilitates and releases. This little thing was about dead, cold and weak. After about 2 hours of warming it up he was ready to eat. Thankfully I was able to get the bird to the right people. Hopefully he/she will make it. We are pretty sure it is a robin. As of this morning when I called, it was doing well.
As a reward, we surprised the boys with the very thing they have been asking us for...their own birds. They love our cockatiel...Baby...and Jaron has begged. I remember being nine and having my first pet...Pete a green parakeet who I raised think it was a male only to find out about 3 years later that Pete was infact a female when my granmother gave me another green parakeet named Petey Boy. Boy was that weird. Anyway, we got the boys the babies today. They love them.
Jaron has named his Clover (green) and Kristofer named his Lightening. Lightening is already tame enough to sit on your finger. Clover had to have Lightening around her to sit on Jaron's finger outside of the cage. Patience! Something Jaron is going to learn through this! It takes patience to build a bond with a bird. This should be fun to watch!

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