Jan 1, 2010

Fondue New Year's Eve Party...for the Diaperheads & friends

We had a little party for the kids and they invited two of their friends over. They had such a great time. I had from corn dogs to popcorn chicken to marshmellows and pretzels with cheese and chocolate to dip in. What caught me by surprise is that I figured they would dig into the chocolate but instead they went for the cheese. At midnight we had sparkling grape juice as a special toast to the new year. We pulled out the mattresses and they all camped out in the livingroom. The playstation 2 has never been played with so much in one night as last night!
I was ready for bed at 7pm but was up till 2:30am...where do these kids get their energy...WITHOUT chocolate! Anyway...here are a few pics...not many my batteries were dying.

Found this really funny clip today skipping through the blog world. Thought I would share it now before the holidays leave us...

BTW Happy New Year! Hope your 2010 is fruitful and thriving!

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