Jan 29, 2010

Parents You Are Not Alone

One of my BFFs, Michele Danielson, has just started a new website/blog for parents who are dealing with children that have emotional and behavioral problems. Michele deals daily with her adopted son Marcus who has RAD as well as other things. She is a real trooper! The things she has endured, experienced and lived through with her son is amazing.
To say she has gone to hell and back is an understatement to put it bluntly. But through it all her faith in Christ has grown. She has seen many miracles in Marcus and knows there are more to come.
She has started this wonderful place that parents can go and get the support they need. She wants to help those families. So if you know of someone or a family who is struggling with a child that has emotional or behavioral problems and needs a place to vent, find hope and help please go check out Parents You are Not Alone!

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