Dec 16, 2007

Ferret Fanatics

We have two wonderful little guys~even if they are theives!


These two are so much fun!

Woody and Uno.

Woody is 2 years old and is the dark one and Uno is 1 yrs
old and is the white. They have completely different
personalities. Woody is a rambunctious adventurer who

isn't afraid of anything or anyone. He loves to play hide and

seek with anything he can steal as well as play chase

with the kids. Many times the kids will chase him

and as soon as they stop he turns and attacks chasing

them right back down the hall.

Uno, is the more loving and quiet type. He loves to be held

and loved on. He also loves to play and hide under covers

or in my cabinets or under anything he can squeeze

his fat little body under. He too likes to play chase

with the kids but would much rather lay in your arms.

The other night we let them run free in the house and we

had so much fun watching and laughing at them. I am a

animal lover. If I could I would have two of everything; cats,

dogs, turtles, ferrets, birds, rabbits, ect... But I have to say

besides my love for dogs & cats, ferrets are my absolute favorite!

I would love to have another one to add to our family if I

only had a cage big enough to keep them from getting hurt.

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