Dec 21, 2007

Fashions by Sara

Today I just want to share some of Sara's favorite fashion outfits.
Yes she would go shopping in them and to school.
Sara's favorite past times are:
changing her outfits no less than 8 times a day
(sounds like Aunt Jeanette when she was little),
shopping for clothes or shoes,
playing dollies,
aggravating her brothers
and her latest fascination is learning how to cook
or helping mommy cook.

Enjoy the pictures!


Aunt Jeanette said...

OM MY GOD it's a minnie me. She looks like she is having a blast. Gosh I miss her and the boys.

"Joy" Shannon said...

Wow!! My little namesake is definately a Diva!! Good to know the fashion goes with the name...just wait till she moves gets to the shoe addiction stage! *And I agree that she does look like Jeanette!