Aug 9, 2007

Living with SID

SID - Sensory Integration Disorder....That is what Kristofer lives with day in and day out. There is never a day that he doesn't experience something more than his body can handle. To put it plainly, he experiences all of his 7 senses at one time. His brain is still learning how to tune out the hum of the lights and the ceiling fan so that he can concentrate on what I may be saying to him.

Some days he is fine, small things will bother him but not enough to set him off into a "melt down". Other days everything sets him off and its as if the whole world is attacking him. It's on those days that I have to really pray for guidance and ask the Lord to help me figure out how to help him feel safe. Today, actually this afternoon was one of those "the world is attacking me" days. It is never just one thing that sets him into orbit so figuring out what it is rather difficult. Sometimes he can tell me what is hurting him, most of the time its the feeling of the clothes on his skin. He has come a long way with that!

He went most of his life without clothing on unless he had to be dressed for church or public outing. I use to put his shorts on and bring his shirt, socks and shoes with me and dress him before entering church or the store. If I did dress him he would somehow get everything off while strapped in his car seat.

Today he couldn't tell me what was hurting him or bothering him. One minute he was screaming the next he was crying. So I start by turning the TV off, then the fan, pull the blinds down and find him a blanket. The other kids were playing in their rooms so that helped with noise. Kristofer helped me make a tent with the chairs and the blanket and he hid inside for about 20 minutes. By the time he came out I had the home made play dough cooling for him to play with.

When he came out of his "safe place" he asked for his favorite drink "choc. milk" but we had no choc. so he settled for pink (strawberry) milk. He then sat at the table quietly playing with the play dough until I turned the ceiling fan on...then he started screaming again. I turned it off and he said, "Thank you Mommy, the wind hurts me." It's so hot outside and it's not the coolest inside so I thought the cool breeze from the fan would help him but I was wrong.

Some days he spends a lot of time jumping on the furniture or running into me or his brothers. It's on those days that I get his exercise trampoline out and let him jump. Sometimes we set up an obstacle course for him and his sibs or we head to the playground.

We never know what the day will bring for Kristofer. We learn daily with him and for him.

Today was worn me out...they usually do when Kris does alot of crying....

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