Aug 24, 2007


So the week has slipped by rather this how the rest of the school year will go...the kids hope so! This morning, I sadly had a gallbladder attack. Thankfully it wasn't like the one that sent me to the hospital but it was still quite painful. Unfortunately on Wed, I had to cancel my appointment with the surgeon..long story. Anyway I was just commenting to a friend that I had not had any problems since I went to the ER a few weeks ago. I guess I should keep my mouth shut! Oh it hurt so bad!
Once all the kids were awake I asked them to pray for me. They are such troopers! The immediately came over and held my hand and Jaron led them in prayer for me. Kris thought he should stay home with me cause I was sick and Daddy was at work. I told him I would be fine - he needed to go to school so I could rest. He thought that was a better idea although Jaron reassure him that today was Friday and that means no school tomorrow.
Thankfully I am fine now. I go to the surgeon on Thurs of next week. Honestly I was going to do my best to protest having surgery but after this morning I will gladly let him take the stupid organ. Question - Why did God create organs that can be removed and we can still live without them?? Maybe that is one question I will have to ask when Jesus returns for His people!
AHHH Friday....tomorrow we get to sleep in! The best day of the week I think!

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