Aug 5, 2007

Mud Pies

Remember when you were little and after the rain or with the help of a "not to be on" hose you create a huge mud puddle...and eventually you make the most wonderful mud pies?! Naturally you have to share them with your mommy and daddy who probably have no idea that you are completely covered in mud.
So it is with our kids. They absolutely love the mud puddles that the rain leaves behind in our yard or they create them with the hose that is "not to be on". Oh they will say but Mom we were watering your tomatoes or the watermelon but Mom is definately aware of the tactics by now!
So it has been the last few days. We have two very large areas in our front lawn that collect the rain water. If it were a true ditch it would drain better but it doesn't. During the winter we had tiny ice rinks for the bugs as Jaron called them. Kris just thought it was amazing to see how the water turned to ice. That was pretty cool coming from Florida where all the water does is evaporate or breed mosquitoes!
Right now we have two big puddles that are trying to form one. Kristofer decided to create a dam and stop them from becoming one. With his lungs full he screams for the whole neighborhood, "Mommy come see my dam!" Now remember Sean is a Pastor and we live in the church parsonage so the whole neighborhood knows who we are. As a couple of kids are riding by I hear, "Wow the Pastor's kids are aloud to cuss!" Naturally I was completely mordified. I mean how do you correct that statement to kids who really don't care what the truth is.
But I digress... mud pies! Our kids have master the mud pie! Despite my pleas for no mud pies in the house, I find them in the oddest places. Such as in my oven, in the microwave or even in the freezer. When I question who did this naturally "Not-Me" gets blamed but eventually Kris will say, "but I wanted to see what would happen." At least its easily cleaned up!
So here's to mud pies! I shall treasure them for soon there will be no mud pies to find....

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