Aug 4, 2007

Reason for the name!

We have decided to blog! Since we live so far from family & friends, we think this may be the easiest way for you to keep up with all that is going on with the kids. We want you to be a part of how they are growing, changing and learning. This hopefully will be the easiest way for you to stay connected to them and us.

As for the name....we really couldn't pick a name that was fitting except this one, "The Diaper Heads." This name came about when Jaron & Kristofer were much younger. I am hoping that I have a picture of how this name came about. Anyway, all four kiddos, had dragged in all my pots, large bowls and cups into the livingroom. When I came into see what they were doing, they all had pull-ups on their heads and were all jamming out. Sara was singing and playing the keyboard, Eli was banging his drums (the pots), Kris was banging his drums (the bowls) and Jaron was playing his toy guitar! I had to laugh and that is when I dubbed the "band" as the Diaper Heads. Up until this last month they still would put those pull ups on and dance around & sing!


Stay tuned in for more history in the making!

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