Aug 17, 2007

Monday is on the way...

It's done! We have officially registered all four kids for school. Jaron will be in 2nd grade...ok, I remember his first day of Kinder-garden...does it get easier to let them go??? Then Kris..oh my, Kinder-garden! Is he ready? Am I ready? Is his teacher ready? I can't believe it in 2 more days he will no longer be the little boy that watches for his brother to come home from school.
Kris comes to me this afternoon and says..."I am scared of kinder-garden." Why? "Cause I want to stay home with you." What are you scared of..."not being with you." I reassure him that he is going to have fun and learn lots of things. He looks at me with tears and says, "but Mommy I can't write my name good, it hurts my hand to hold the pencil. I just can't go to school. I need to stay with you." His fears of failure emerge, I reassure him that his OT will help him and more importantly that God is on his side and He promises with His help that Kris can and will accomplish all things!
Then the twins...oh my...preschool. What am I thinking? I know its only half day and I do look forward to some time with complete quiet in the house and time alone (cleaning, doing laundry, all the mom chores without the kids around...yea! or possibly a part time job...If God opens that door!) But these are my babies! My last little ducklings to leave the nest?!! Not sure if Mom can handle this one. Oh they will have lots of fun! Sara looks forward to playing with the girls ..."Mommy Eli has to play with the boys!" As we walked the long hallway to their room they stopped to tell each teacher or school staff that they were looking for each others teacher. Eli says to Kris' teacher, "Sara's teacher looks like my teacher I think." Really? "Yea, but she likes boys better." Which naturally makes Sara mad and respond with, "Eli boys are stupid!" Oh I hope she keep thinking that way for a long long time!
Monday Kris and Jaron head off for school, summer ends for them...the twins start on the 28th. I am sure when they are all entering their senior year in high school (will be sooner than I want) I will look back on these days and long for them to return.....

God, bless the children! Watch over them as
they leave our homeand enter the
public schools. Let them be a light that
shines Your love! Help them over come the
struggles they have and help them
give You the recognition You
deserve when they excel! ~~AMEN!

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