Aug 17, 2007

What a dog she was!

Today is a sad day in our home. Bridget took a turn for the worse yesterday. She stopped eating and we barely could get her to drink. Her strength was minimal and after consulting a local vet we decided that there was nothing else we could do for her. Even with all the medical services the vet could provide he could not guarantee that she would live through the weekend. So to forgo the high cost of care we have chosen to end her misery.
It's not something we wanted to do but the previous owners whether by accident (she ran away?) or due to not having the resources did not take care of her, therefore making it very difficult to help her. When animal services came to get her the gentlemen were completely amazed at her condition. They too could not believe what they saw and they pick up strays all the time.
Had she been taken care of properly, she would have been a very loving and loyal dog. She showed us that in the time she was with us. The two days she had the strength she followed us every where, laying in our lap or at our feet. She could have been a happy, ball/soft toy fetching pup. She showed us that by carrying around a small beany baby basset hound. She was all of these things and could have lived a long happy dogs life had she had the proper care and love.
When you see a stray wondering your streets remember Bridget and don't close your door or turn a blinds eye. Reach out and do something! Even support your local animal shelter! There are hundreds of dogs, cats, and other animals searching for a home...have your dog or cat spayed or neutered!

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