Aug 20, 2007

Meet Judah

This is our Judah. She is the most loving, smart and quickly learning to be obedient, newest family member. She came to us over a week ago and made herself home on our front porch. It became evident that no matter how much we tried she wasn't budging. It's as if she new this was her home before we knew she was ours.
She is slowly getting use to the collar and the leash. She primarily stays where we are which is nice to not have to use a leash in our own yard. She loves the neighbors cats and they have taken to her instantly.
Thankfully she hasn't paid much attention to our ferrets. She has smelt them pushed them with her nose but hasn't tried to hurt them. Although we will not be leaving them alone together unless the ferrets are in their safe cage.
She is adjusting to her new surroundings and is even potty trained!! YEA!
We are so grateful and thankful that God has blessed us with Judah and we give Him all the praise!

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