Aug 20, 2007

The Classic Mug Shot

YEA! The first day of Kindergarden and 2nd grade has ended! What a mug shot huh! You can't tell they are excited about going today at all can you? The day went really well. As usual mom worries over nothing! That's OK I have the right to do so...I gave birth to these kids!
What I love about our school: The family atmosphere! The school is a small country school that has Pre-K through 8th grades. The boys are able to be together for morning recess as well as lunch time. Also lets say Kris is having problems and needs a brother hug. They will allow Jaron to come and be with him for a few minutes to help him. This applies to Sara and Eli as well when they start Pre-K next week. So today Kris spent a little more than a hour with his big bro. This helps big time at lunch. Jaron is able to encourage Kris to socialize and eat his lunch. Jaron said, " I kept telling Kris to eat so he could get as smart as I am." It worked cause Kris ate everything! YEA! That is a huge improvement over last year when he started Pre-k for the first time!
Kris' teacher is wonderful! We have talked a few times and she said my info has been very helpful in understanding how to help Kris adjust. Today it was just half his class in attendance. Tomorrow he will not go so the other half gets to go. This way the teacher can spend time evaluating their strengths and weaknesses without contending with the whole class. Wed he will start full time with the whole class. We'll see how he adjusts to that!
Jaron said he loves 2nd grade so far. (He hasn't gotten homework yet!) He told me that the only thing he doesn't like is that the classroom is either super cold or super hot. So he has to bring a jacket to school.
All in all the day was good! It was SO QUIET without the two of them. Just the little voices of Sara and Eli playing. Next week will be so strange when they go to pre-K. I am not sure what I will do with myself .... oh maybe a I will! :)
Hope everyone else had a great first day of school too!
until next time....

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