Aug 29, 2007

"Take this child...and nurse it for me." - Today's Devotional

I want to share today's devotional from The Word for You Today.

"Dr. James Dobson writes: 'I attended a wedding in a beautful garden setting in which 150 colorful helium balloons were released in to the California sky. Within seconds they were scattered across the heavens - some rising hundreds of feet, others cruising toward the horizon. They all began from the same launching pad, were filled with the same helium, and ascended in the same conditions. Yet within minutes they were separated by a mile or more. A few balloons struggled to clear the upper branches of trees, while the show-offs became mere pinpoints of color on their journey to the sky. How interesting, I thought - and how symbolic of children.'
Parent, you help determine how high your child will rise. So: (a) Create the right climate in your home. The words you speak, the order you establish, the music and television programs you allow, are molding their character and their future. If you're too busy to notice these things - you're too busy! (b) Give them the right mentors. Ruth followed Naomi. Timothy followed Paul. Your children are going to follow someone. The question is, who? Your best defense against destructive influences is offensive teaching, and a Christ-like example. Read God's Word to them each day. Pray over them - and with them. Do it! Don't be shy. The molester and drug dealer are not shy! Speak up! You can't improve on the words of Pharaoh's daughter,
given to Moses' mother as she saved her son from the waters of the Nile that would have consumed him. "Take this child...and nurse it for me, and I will give thee thy wages." Parent, you have no greater responsibility! And if you do it right, you'll have no greater reward!"

My Comments on this devotional:

WOW! What a call to stand up and speak God's word over our children! Dr J Dobson is a very wise man! My friend Michele adopted a brilliant young lad and she has been going through the trenches with and for him. She does what this devotional says....she prays over him, speaks God's word over and to him and this summer began to see a big change in him. Praise God! God's word is truth & light that breaks the darkness. As she has been speaking this over her son and into his life, light has been invading that darkness in his life. This little boy has gone through and lived through more things than most, all in the foster care system. My friend stepped up and took him as hers. God has and will continue to honor her patience, persistence and faith in Him and her son. I believe that when this little boy is completely healed which is coming very soon - he is going to stand before his church, his family and the school he attends and will give God all the glory for (1) healing him of his past hurts, (2) give thanks for a mom in the trenches, (3) be able to attest to the love and mercy that God has for him and others out there that have gone through the same things he has.
Our God is a big GOD! A solid foundation to stand on (like the Rock of Ages) is what our children need to succeed in life. We are responsible for helping them have that foundation! My dear friend Michele, you are giving Marcus that foundation! Stay in the trenches, stay on your knees fighting for Marcus and bringing him before our Heavenly Father, and and don't you give up! God has a mighty big plan for Marcus and for you! Remember: Staying Patient, Persistent and Faithful towards God and Marcus will prevail over all those dark moments that he is continuing to fight. We love you!

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Michele said...

OKay so you wanted to make me cry- huh/ Thank you so much and you are right- it did give me encouragement- Missy it is amazing that even though we are miles apart and even when you were in Venice- How God brought us back together for each other- you are an encourager and I value the friendship we have.