Aug 15, 2007


Our refugee has brought another refugee to our
home. Monday, Baby (to give her a name)
showed up on our porch. She is a small beagle,
maybe 2/3 yrs old, who has definitely been
mistreated and not fed in a very long time.
She is nothing but skin and bones
and is so weak! It's sad to see her in this
shape or any dog for that matter!
All I could think about was what a great
dog she could be if someone would have
just taken care of her.

Just a moment to rant!!
In my honest opinion people
that treat dogs or any animals this way
should be treated the same! No animal
deserves to starve to death and be mistreated
this way! If you can't even feed your pet the
scraps off your table, that you will probably
throw in the garbage,
then DON'T get another pet!
It may not be the best diet for the animal
but at least it isn't starving to death!

Monday the temp outside was 99 degrees
w/a heat index of 108. The dog was so hot I
immediately tried to scoop her up but
she fell off the porch and just laid there.
It was so sad. I put her in the tub, cooled her
down and cleaned her up. She was covered
in briers, mud and a few ticks.

My good friend Michele, (thank you) has been
such a help with her. She gave us some great advice
on how to help her. She has been wormed, bathed,
tick & flea meds. given and we have been feeding
her every 4 times a day 1/2 cup of dry puppy
food mixed with a tablespoon of cottage cheese.
At first she was barely able to finish the 1/2 cup
but she isnow able to finish it and looks for more.

She is gaining her strength back. Her eyes
are no longer glassy and she has even barked at
our ferrets once or twice. She likes to follow us
around, specially the kids. Last night she started
wagging her tail when she saw me.
Which is a huge improvement!

For now we have a new pet. We are going to nurse
her back to health and see how she does. My intentions
were to nurse her to health and then find a home for her,
but Sean seems to have taken to her and has said
we may keep her. We'll see...
Update on the other refugees!
Oh our other refugees (Judah and Buddy-the brother)
are still camping out on our front lawn. We are not
feeding them hoping they'll go home. Personally
I would love to keep Judah. So far though
they just come and go. Judah pretty much stays
here. They are thieves! We keep finding articles of
clothing in our yard every morning that do
not belong to us. Not sure where these two are
getting them from. We an old baby blanket,
boxer shorts and this am we had
a torn up teddy bear.

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Liza said...

How sweet! They were leaving you presents of love!!! And how sad for Briget. I once saw a judge who sentenced a woman to no food for three days because of her starving a horse. She also got fines and jail time, but I loved the making her go without food.