Aug 27, 2007

My Babies....Are going to Pre-K!
Here they were 4 wks old wearing baby doll clothes!
Eli was just under 6 lbs and Sara was just above 5 lbs.
My have they grown! I can't believe how fast time
has gone by. I still can remember the days I spent
in the hospital trying to keep them from coming too
early! Then the days in the NICU, thank God
it was only for 3 weeks but it was a long time
for us as a family - I had two little boys at
home that need me too!
And now.......
Here they are looking so grown up at their
Aunt Nennie's wedding! Naturally Sara is leading!
Tomorrow they start pre-K. Sure it's only for
3 hours a day but I haven't been apart from
them for that long since they were in the NICU!
Reason I am sending them...
Well for one its a free service here in IL if they
meet the criteria. Which they do! But really
its for them. I have seen how pre-K really helped
Kristofer socially. I believe this will help
Eli and Sara break away from always being
with each other. Not that there is anything wrong
with that! I love that they enjoy being with
each other. But I want them to be independent of
each other to. They have a tendency to rely on each
other so much that I am afraid it may hinder
them when they enter Kindergarten.
Plus this will give Sara a chance to play with
other little girls her age. It's hard for her
to always have just the boys to play with.
We (Sara & I) play dollies and house
but sometimes Mommy is not enough.
Sara told me today, "I can have lots of
girl friends and I don't have to play with Eli."
-Yes Sara- "But Mommy I want Eli to have
friends to but I have to be his best friend."
Eli says in response, "Sara you are my bestest
friend and sister!"
So tomorrow I let my babies go...just for a little while.

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