Aug 12, 2007

Judah...a refugee...

We recently...yesterday...found out that not only is our small community a host to a variety of not so pleasant things but is consider a "dropping grounds." It is home to a variety of homeless cats and dogs. I knew we had a plethera of cats, well we did in our back yard until about a month ago when all but two have disappeared. The word around our neighborhood is that someone has collected them and taken them to a research lab. I'm not sure but our kitty Daisy was part of the missing cats/kittens...frown...
Anyway, yesterday we had two unexpected visitors appear on our front lawn. Two young black lab mix pups, I am guessing to be approx. 6 mo old. One male the other female. The kids naturally took to them like a bear and honey. The poor things were covered in ticks of various sizes. After about 5 hrs of them hanging in our yard we fed them some scraps & gave them some water. We tried shooing them away with no success. So I spent an hour sitting on my porch pulling all the ticks off of both of them over 30 total. I know the female, who we have been calling Judah (Praise), must have been very grateful because she seemed to be so relieved. I cleaned up their ears and at midnight the pair were still on our front porch.
This morning we woke to just Judah waiting for her breakfast I guess. We did feed her and after church we gave her a great sudsy bath. At first she was terrified but I kept talking to her and she finally calmed down. She was much happier and prettier when she was finally dry. I even had some extra BioSpot for fleas & ticks that we put on her. At least she will be safe from those nasty ticks for a month.
We are not sure what we are going to do with her. We have been told that someone rescued the two of them from being killed but they do not want them or need them. They have too many dogs as it is. We will wait and see if she returns home until then we will host this loving refugee outside. She loves the kids and the kids love her naturally. I believe she has been mistreated, she is very timid and lays down in submission when you go to pet her but greets us with a body wag (tail wagging uncontrolably) when we go outside to check on her.
The great thing is the kids know she is God's creation and we must take care of His creation, so if she should leave and return to the home she came from then we know that we have done everything we can for her in the short time she has taken refuge on our porch.
I will try to post a pic of her but I am having problems with posting pics.

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