Aug 15, 2007

We have a name!

What's in a name? A name gives a pet a place of belonging, character and a connection with their caregivers. For us it has created a new family member.
First thank you to all that responded to a private email asking for names!
It was a hard decision to make! We had over 25 names to chose from. It came down to two...Dixie and Bridget. It took us more than 5 times voting as a family. Each time it was tied. Finally we put each name in a bowl and everyone got to pick a folded piece of paper....democracy at its recount due to "chads" here!
Drum roll please........

The winning name is...........BRIDGET!

Jaron picked this name and stuck to it all day! In the end it won by a lead of 2 votes. Remember though it was all done by chosing a paper out of the bowl! Both names were equally loved. Other runner ups were as follows;

Mia, Hope, Lucky, Rosie, Trixie, Chansu, Daisy, Holly
Personally I loved Dixie but since we did not chose this dog, God gave her to us we decided that a family vote is what was needed this time around.

Bridget is doing better every hour we see a change. She is wagging her tail even though it seems to be broken in one spot. She has gained enough strength to push a fan out of the way to get in the house. Tonight she started barking at the ferrets in a soft voice but its a good sign her hunting insticts are there. Also just a few moments ago we heard her scratching at the door to come in. All good signs.
Tonight in Adventure Kids at church we discussed how God cares for the sparrows...cats...dogs... and how much more He cares for us (Luke 12:6-7).
If God's word says he cares for His creation then He cares for Bridget. Please pray that Bridget's neck and back muscles will begin to loosen up and that she will be able to turn her neck on her own. We belive it is due to the starvation she has endured because after I massage her neck for 15 minutes she is able with my gentle help to turn her head. God can do a miracle for her just as He does even more for us.

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