Nov 5, 2011


SHHHHHHH!  Listen to the quietness!  Let your mind go blank and just be!   

Yes I am thankful for quietness.  Now that we are home schooling Jaron and the other three are in public school I am very thankful for the times that the house is quiet. Times when I can just sit in quiet and those moments to clear my mind are rare and inbetween.  I am always thinking about what we will teach or do next with Jaron.  Then the door bursts open with the other three at 3 pm and it's time to adjust my thoughts to getting homework started and finished, getting dinner done, baths and then bedtime...naturally all of this occurs between the time they get home to bedtime at 9pm. In those 6 hours this house is LOUD! So today I am thankful for those rare moments of complete peace and quiet.

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