Nov 2, 2011

My Pups

  Today I am thankful for my pups.  We have two right now and I would LOVE to add another one but it is just not possible right now. One day I will have a little long hair Dachshund.

Bentley is a 3 yr old Schnauzer. He is our little guard dog, always in charge, on guard and ready to attack anyone that comes to the door. He is loving in his little way but is not one to cuddle.  He hates the vacuum and as soon as I bring it out, it's an all force attack against it.  He isn't always the fierce attack do.  He LOVES playing fetch.  Lovers playing with balls of all size; from small bouncy balls, to tennis balls, beach balls and even foot balls.  If you have it in your hand and he thinks it's a ball he will being barking telling you immediately..."Throw me the Ball!"  Very loudly and won't stop till you do. Bentley has a unique story, he was sold to a man who loved him but lost his house in foreclosure.  Becoming homeless and unable to take him he left him in the house with another dog. For how long we have no idea.  The original breeder went to visit her sister and they stopped by this man's home to find the house locked up and could hear the dogs barking.  What they found was deplorable! They got in through a door that was unlocked, found them with no food, drinking toilet water and living in their own feces in a bathroom. She took the dogs home, gave them baths, fed them and got the two dogs the medical attention they needed.  This woman being a truck driver could not keep either one of them and put them up for adoption after they were nursed back to health.  We were blessed to be chosen to take him home with us.  We were prepared to pay her and adoption fee but she refused when she heard we had 4 children.  So Bentley came to live with us when he was just 10 months old.   Such a  rough start but he as adjusted and is very much a part of our hearts and family.

Then we have our Oddie. We believe he is part Poodle and maybe Maltese but we have no idea and really don't care. He is the complete opposite of Bentley.  He LOVES to cuddle, loves to play, is our comic relief, doesn't know anyone as a stranger and if you come to our door he believes you have come to only see him.  He is my shadow most days and will follow me every where I go.  Will lay near the tub when I am in the shower or the door of the bathroom until I come out.  He "needs" to be near me and sometimes it does drive me nuts specially when I am trying to cook dinner and he trips me.  You can go out the door for a second and when you come back in to the room it's as if we have been away for days.  Oddie is 18 mo old and I truly hope that he stays the fun loving puppy that he is.  He brings me such joy!  As I write this he  is laying on my lap licking my elbow.  He is such a little lover and always happy.
    These two are more than just our pets but our family members.  I am not a nut who dresses them, although Sara loves to.  Bentley doesn't mind it but Oddie hates it.  We crate them when we leave home but otherwise they are allowed to be where they want.  They generally sleep with me which is not a problem since Sean generally works the over night shift but when he is home the bed gets a little crowded.  Generally they will hop down or just sleep at my feet other wise they like to get as close as they can specially during the winter.
   So today I am thankful for my puppies.  Ok so they aren't little babies anymore but they are to me my pups and they bring us great joy!

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