Nov 1, 2011

30 days has November

So we begin with day ONE.  Well believe it or not I am very thankful for this past year.  Things are different and yet the same.  Last year at this time we were candidating and waiting to hear what the church had decided. The fun thing is we are going to be candidating again this month!  OK so some of you may not know what I mean.  Candidating is when a church invites a pastor to come and preach, meet the congregation and generally they will vote to decide if they want you to be their new pastor.  On Nov 13th we will be going to a church about 30 mins from here and Sean will be preaching the AM and PM services.  We are excited about it!  Although Sean has been teaching Jaron in depth Bible lesson since we started home schooling him and he has been able to preach/teach in children's church he has not been able to preach to a congregation.
   I am thankful for this past year of healing, regrouping and learning to trust the Lord in new and deeper ways.  This year has been tough emotionally, mentally, physically and even financially but through it all God has been there providing everything I have need personally as well as what our family has needed.  Sometimes we must be thankful for the tough times and during those times something God has been really impressing on my heart and reassuring me of is that He is there and will NEVER LET US GO!

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