Nov 13, 2011

My Dad

My Daddy is the best Dad in the world!  He is such a hard working man. He has stood by his family from the start.  He is also a Veteran.  He has an amazing story of how God spared his life twice when he was in the army.  In one instance he was in Korea and his troop was being sent into battle, he got pneumonia and was not able to ship out with them.  The troop was ambushed and all of the men were killed.  In the 2nd instance, he was training and jumped out of a helicopter and was running through a field.  His leg got caught in a gofer hole and he broke his leg...compound fracture that required surgery.  His troop was sent to Vietnam the next day and they were ambushed in the air, no one survived.  It truly is amazing what God will do to protect a person.
   Had he gone on either of missions I and subsequently my children would not be here. So I am thankful that God protected him and gave me such a great dad!  As you can tell in the photo my kids just adore their "MacMac".  I love you dad!

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