Nov 4, 2011

My Boys

 Today I am thankful for my three wonderful, crazy, loving, tough, gentle, strong, caring, loving, funny, energetic boys.  Oh there are a lot more adjectives I could use to describe my boys but those are what comes to mind immediately.  These three boys are everything I believe their oldest brother Seanpatrick would have been had he not died.  These boys make me laugh, cry, scream, smile, and laugh some more. Just Tuesday we were sitting in the living room and honestly I do not remember what they were talking about but I do remember that they were giving me a hard time.  I looked up at them and there they were all sitting next together joking and laughing.  Had I had a camera at the time I would have captured the moment.  But instead I just sat and looked at them taking in it and making it a mental picture I will never forget.  My thought at that very moment....Lord let them always be this close...brothers and friends for life!
     You may not believe me but I am thankful for my little angel Seanpatrick as well. Oh how I wish he was here with us but I am thankful for the 9 months I had with him.  Yes he was only in the womb but I remember distinctly how he responded to my reading stories to him and Sean's singing to him.  How he would move to be near Sean when he would lay his head on my stomach and would talk to him.  The moments after his birth, all was quiet sadly but those precious moments holding him, brushing his long hair, looking at his precious fingers and toes.  Those moments I am grateful for and very thankful that God allowed us to have those precious months and minutes with our first born.
   I love my boys!   
You know what I just realized as I am writing this that I chose to be thankful for my four boys on day four of thankfulness!  LOL! 

 Kristofer being the lake monster.

 Eli being the corn field monster.
Jaron our very mature preteen!  
Wow did I just say do I miss my little boobear!

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Deanna Shrodes said...

Beautiful boys! I love mine too...nothing like parenting boys!