Nov 8, 2011

My Baby Girl

Today on this journey of thankfulness I am thankful for the precious gift I received almost 8 years ago.  My baby girl Sara Joy Kelly!  She was born so tiny, 4 lbs 8 ounces and was must 16.5 inches long.  She wore baby doll clothes for weeks...the preemie clothes were even too big for her.
Sara holding Uncle Chris' hand.  She was 1 day old.Wearing her sporty sun glasses.  She was under the UV lights for a good week.  She was born breech and was bruised from her heels to her shoulders.  Poor little thing.  I felt so bad for her. But was so thankful she was alive and doing well.  She was our little mouse.  When she was born all you could hear was a little squeak that sounded like a little mouse.
 Sara was 3 days old when I was allowed to hold her.  I was only able to hold her for 20 mins because her heart rate went wild and her body temp dropped.  It was a scary time.  Sara and Eli were 8 weeks early.  Sara had to have 2 blood transfusions and it took her longer to reach the same milestones that Eli did.  In fact they kept Eli in the hospital 3 days longer just so they could be released the same day from the NICU to come home.  They were in the hospital a total of 3 weeks and they came home on Feb 13th.
Sara's first bath.  As I undressed her her little umbilical cord fell off.  She was so tiny inside the little tub. We had to keep her wrapped in a blanket while we washed each part of her.  It is a very cherished memory!
Jaron had found a tree frog and placed it on the raft.  Sara LOVED it.  
She would laugh every time she touched it.
 In this picture Sara was being DRAMATIC.  Pretending to cry because the frog jumped off the raft.   
Right before this picture she was laughing when it jumped.

 This was taken last Oct. I was whispering in her ear to smile.
 June of this year.  We went on a hike at Broken Leg Falls.
 My little fashionesta!

As you can tell today I am thankful for my baby girl. Yes I call her that, she is the baby of the about 5 minutes.....and she is my little girl!  I love her more than words can tell.  The Lord told me two years before she was born that I would have a girl and that I would name her Sara.  Little did I know that her great grandma on her daddy's side was named Sara as well.  She loved it when we told her that this week.  She has been learning about her family tree at school so that was a fun fact for her to share.
   I am very blessed to have my precious little girl! She is a spunky little princess who loves to wear beautiful dresses while she plays ninjas with her brothers!  She has great faith.  When she prays she just expects it to happen.  A few months ago she prayed for dresses and she was blessed with many dresses.  Some she has been waiting to wear because they are holiday, as in Christmas dresses.  She loves SHOES! OMW the girl loves shoes like her Aunt Jeanette and her Great grandmom!  So today I am thankful for my little Sara!

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