Nov 11, 2011

My Mom

I am thankful for a praying Mother!  My Mom is the best. Mom goes by three different names, Delight, Mom and Grandma Deedee.  She was very young when she had me but she chose to keep me at a time when girls were being shipped off to relatives and having their babies given up for adoption or even abortion.  My Mom and Dad chose to raise me, sacrificing a LOT.  At that time it wasn't ok for pregnant teens to continue through school so Mom had to drop out.  I am proud to say she went back to school got her GED and went on to technical school and got her Cosmetology license. She has owned her own business and it succeeded. She sold it a few years ago but still works there. My Mom has supported every thing I have wanted to do.

Mom swimming with Sara and the other grand-kids.
My Mom has raised 5 children and has 2 in heaven.  She also has 13 grandchildren and one in  heaven. She is more than just my Mommy though, she is one of my best friends. Many people do not have a Mom they can say they are friends with and enjoy spending time with but I do.  She encourages me and supports me.  My kids just adore her as do her other grandchildren.  This year a dear friend of mine lost her mom and I can not imagine not having mine in my life. We sometimes talk daily but generally it's at least once a week. My heart breaks for my friend and I keep her in prayer all the time.  Watching her walk through this time has made me realize that I need to cherish the time I do get to spend with my Mom and make time to call her more often.
Mom and my niece Anna.
Here she is in her new home in KY last year.  This year the construction was completed.
My sister Jeanette, Mom, Sara and I, 2 yrs ago after a girls day out.

 I am so blessed to have her in my life!

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