Nov 22, 2011

9 Months of Heaven

Today I am thankful for the 9 months of heaven on earth that I had 14 years ago.  For 9 months you were growing in secret, kicking, moving, full of hiccups and lots of dancing to your Daddy's songs. You were the twinkle in my eye and you stole my heart as soon as I heard the beating of your little heart. Feeling you dance to the voice of your daddy.   I am grateful today!

I am grateful for the precious moments after your birth of holding your little body, caressing your precious head and twirling your long hair in my fingers.  Kissing your brow one last time.  I am grateful today!

I am grateful for the way God made His presence known the day we placed you forever in his arms.  The way the wind blew and it got warm as we played the dedication song at your funeral and how when the song ended the wind blew very hard and the cold air came back, as if the angles had left with you.  Feeling the comfort of God holding me while I cried into His shoulder.  I am grateful today!

I am grateful for the nurses that were caring enough to place you in the outfit  we brought for you to wear  home and how they cut a few strands of your hair for us.  How they were so caring that they took your hand and feet prints for us.  Today I am grateful

I am forever grateful for those precious 9 months of carrying you in my womb and close to my heart.

Happy Birthday 
Seanpatrick Eugene Kelly

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