Nov 10, 2011

My Man

This is my handsome man the day  we got married...almost 14 years ago.  Best decision I ever made was to marry this man.  He loves me unconditionally even when I have been terrible towards him, he always forgives me and never holds it over my head.  How many can say that about their spouse.  
I can not imagine my live with out him in it.
 The picture on the left is the day we were voted as pastors of Creal Springs AG.  I can not believe how small the kids were...that was in 2006.  My have they grown!  Sean is a wonderful father!  He laughs and plays with the kids.  He was always nervous that he wouldn't make a great daddy and I can tell you he makes the BEST DADDY in the world.  He loves each of them, supports them and loves to be with them.  He puts them and I above anything he could ever want.  Sacrifices much for his family!  Thank you Sean!  I love the picture below!  He is such a great dad!
 Sean is more than I could of ever dreamed of or prayed for.  He loves the Lord, love me and the kids and loves his family (mom and siblings).  He has a beautiful voice, an infectious laugh, a loyalty to his friends that most do not have, is sensitive, quiet thinker, awesome preacher/teacher and is the SMARTEST man I know. Sean is not just my husband but my lover and best friend.  He is everything and more to me.  I am not just thankful today for him, I am thankful every day for my wonderful husband.  I love you Sean Patrick Kelly!!!

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