Sep 20, 2008

Rockin' 4 Jesus!

This afternoon the Children's Ministry hosted a Rockin' 4 Jesus (rock-a-thon) to raise funds for BGMC. BGMC stands for Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge. Basically BGMC helps send a variety of materials for the missionaries through the Assemblies of God. We had 9 kids ages 4 -10 rockin' away for three hours. We took a short break for some yummy pizza from Papa Murphy's pizza. These kids had a blast. During part of the rocking time we took advantage of having them all there and practiced our songs with the bells. They are getting really good with them...or maybe I should say I am getting better at flipping those pages so they know what to do! Either way fun was had by everyone!

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Theresa Lambert, Jimmy Lambert and Pastor Sean ( my honey ) for helping me pull this event off. Without their help chaos would have reigned and I would have lost my sanity! With the pledges and money already brought in our kids raised $115 as of right now all to help our missionaries! I am SO PROUD of all of these kiddos!

SO enjoy the pictures! Tomorrow I will be eating pie so to speak...tune in tomorrow afternoon some time I will be sure to post some fun pictures of this... Just wait and see what I am about to endure! LOL!

My two little servants in training! LOL! Actually these two resemble two of my diaper! They love to help vaccume at church...too bad they don't like to at home!

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