Sep 2, 2008

Hotel rooms....

I am sitting in a hotel room in Nashville listening to my 4 kids discuss the "Wipe Out" show on ABC. They are talking about how they would jump across the big balls and if they would make it across. What is really funny about it is that on Sat. this past week they piled up pillows and blankets (everyone we own) to make a Wipe Out pit. Kristofer was the commentator. He would refer to the guys on the show. Which surprises me because I don't even know their names and he does. He remembers everything he sees and hears.
So why am I sitting in a hotel with 4 kiddos, well you see I am going to the Unstoppable Conference in Tampa Florida. Which will be so fun! Just to get to worship without worrying about where or what my kids are doing during that time will be nice. So to cut some time we came down tonight. I will be catching a plane in the morning well actually at 1 pm but with the way airport security is now days I have to be there 2 hours early. Oh so much fun!
But I have to tell you despite the craziness of last week and some changes to this week I know God has something awesome for me and the other pastor's wives and women in ministry! I am looking forward to meeting some of my blogging friends and spending time fun time with family that live in south of Tampa in Venice FL.
I will not have access to a lap top or computer while at the conference so I will post when I get home. Until then...

Michele hang in there! God is in control. I know right now it may not seem like it but He is very aware of what is going on. He has to be because you have so many people praying for you, Marcus and the whole situation.

Deanna~ I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me this week. I can't wait to finally meet you in person.

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