Sep 8, 2008

The Good the bad and the Smelly Airplane trip!

Like I promised, here is my airplane adventures. Carrie and I had to bolt out of the last message by Tara and Deanna on Covenant Relationships (PD I want a copy of the tape!) We both had to catch our flights home. Susan took us to the airport. A great gal I might add! Definitely a sweetie! Anyway on the way Carrie looked at her itinerary and about flipped I think, she thought her flight was at 3:52 and it was actually 2:52. We got there and she made it but honestly it was by the skin of her teeth I think. Carrie ~ I too was stopped by security...forgot to take my phone out of my about nerve racking, even when you are innocent.
So once I got to my terminal I had about 30 mins to just sit and think about the previous days events. SO much to take in and honestly I haven't had a minute to even stop and think. Not fully anyways. Let me be frank...I HATE FLYING! I don't mind the take off I hate the landing. I also absolutely hate turbulence. Thankfully on my flight from Tampa to Charlotte NC we had no turbulence.

So here we are flying through some awesome clouds. I do love looking down on the clouds, that I do enjoy about flying. When all of a sudden a flight attendant asks if anyone has any medical training. There is a passenger that is having heart pain. Thankfully there was a doctor on board. I believe God places us where He needs us. I truly believe in divine meetings! I was not far from where the older lady was sitting and I began to pray. I prayed every healing scripture I could think of. I prayed for this woman's soul, for her healing, for her family members that were starting to panic. Then the doctor started to panic and was telling the flight attendant that we needed to make an emergency landing. I began to pray harder for this woman. She was going in and out of consciousness and was losing color. Her husband was crying as was her daughter. I prayed harder, was praying in the spirit and just kept claiming healing over this woman. Then I said out loud, "In Jesus Name be healed!"

I am not kidding the woman sat straight up in her seat! Her color came back and she was talking again. FINE! I mean completely fine! The doctor just sat there amazed. He kept shaking his head in disbelief. The flight attendants were shaking their heads and the woman's family was really crying now, happy tears I must say. PRAISE GOD!

When the plane landed, it took me 20 mins to get off the plane. It was that full and I was sitting that far in the back! I had only 15 mins to get to my connecting flight and was told the concord I needed was about a mile away. Isn't that just nice! There was and emergency crew waiting for the woman when we got off. As I was rushing past I stopped and told her that I had prayed for her and that I would continue to. Her husband looked at me and said "Thank you, you saved her life." I said, "NO! God did!"

I literally had to run/walk faster than I have in over a year! No kidding here! My poor knees were screaming at me! My calves if they had voices would have been really screaming at me! I got to my connecting flight and immediately boarded the plane. Now before I tell you about that part of the adventure let me stop and say this... GOD ALWAYS HAS A PURPOSE AND A PLAN for your life if you are just obedient to His calling! I have no idea if anyone else on that flight was praying for that woman but what I saw happen is and was truly a miracle. That doctor was sure that she was dying from a heart attack! I honestly thought she was dying too. But when you call upon the name of the Lord He is sure to answer! I truly believe I witnessed a miracle! I truly believe it was my faith in God and the power of prayer that He came into that plane and touched that lady! I will never be the same! I know God answers prayers, He has for me over and over but what I saw Sat. afternoon was truly a miracle!

Now as for the rest of my was SMELLY!
I am not kidding. My seat was row 7 seat D. It was an express plane so it only had two seats on either side of the aisle and had approximately 50 seats total on board. As I was walking back to my seat I saw this man and I kept saying to myself, "Oh please Lord, please not next to him!" Don't get me wrong here, he wasn't scary looking. I just didn't want to sit next to a man on my flight home. Well guess what...that is exactly where I had to sit! That man was the SMELLIEST men I have smelt since street witnessing to the homeless in Miami! I am not kidding, he smelt like rotten eggs! I immediately wanted to vomit! NO KIDDING! If I could have changed seats I would have! The two women sitting in front of me were gagging. What made things worse...I started smelling something even worse...I looked at the man and he says, "Sorry." He passed gas! I just about lost it! I leaned over into the aisle just to get fresh air. The guy across the aisle said whats wrong..then he got a whiff...he just looked at me and I said, "It's him, not me!" He just laughed! Not only did I sit next to the smelliest man we had terrible turbulence coming into Nashville. All I could do was pray we would land and that I could get off that plane ASAP! I really tried to think of a way to talk to the guy but I just couldn't get past the smell. Sorry folks...I may be a co-pastor, I may be a Christian, but I just couldn't get past the stench.

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