Sep 12, 2008

Finally it's Friday!

So many thoughts going through my head today. It actually been a down dark day for me. I haven't had a day like this in a while. Just one of those days I don't want to move, talk or even be awake. It doesn't help that I am fighting a cold/sinus infection thingy. I am sure that has something to do with it.

Been listening to Hillsong United's song "One Way Jesus" It's awesome!! I just love it! I wish we had the musicians at our church to play it. It just doesn't have the same effect with one guitar and an electric guitar. If you want to pray for something pray God brings in musicians to our church that want to use their talents for the Lord!

A few months ago, the neighbor cat Snowbell had babies. I posted about them even put up pictures. Well she has had another liter of two. These two are beautifully marked. One is black and white, the othe ris grey and white. The grey and white has spots like a dalmation. Well here...check these pictures out!
They are so cute. They are about 5-6 weeks old now. The last two we had living under our porch were taken by a neighbor boy and he left them at his grandfathers house. It broke the kids' hearts. So this time, if they stick around we plan to keep them both. We are hoping it will help us with our lovely country mouse problem we have in our garage. You know I hate wild mice. I use to have pet mice and those I do not mind but these little country mice are fearless little boogers! They scare the tar out of me every time I go to the garage/utility area to do our laundry. I am not looking forward to the first really strong cold snap this fall I can tell you that! Now I know they have their place in the food chain but ya know, Noah could have left those little things off the ark! LOL!
This week has been a week of reflection, wishing I was with my friends again at Unstoppable, planning for the future (near & far), and so many thoughts going through my head. Acutally I have been pondering some things in my heart this week. Some things God has shown me with every day objects. I will be sharing those in later posts. I am still working on how to put it on paper (or cyber space) in a way that it makes sense.
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Well for those reading this now...have a fantastic weekend in the Lord!

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Maddy said...

I've just installed the follower doberry whatsit myself!

I'm always game to be first on anything.

Those kitties certainly get my vote.

Best wishes