Sep 15, 2008


All I can say is yahoo! Today was a blessed day! You know when you ask God to deliver He does. Not always the way you expect but He does! Oh there's just so much I want to share but I am not sure where to start or what to to say and not say. So I guess I will start with a blessing of yesterday. Sat. morning I got to sleep in. Thank you to my wonderful kids! Jaron got up and said, "Mommy sleep in today I will take Izzy (our dog) out and I will get everyone just rest." He knew I wasn't feeling well. Boy I love that kid! So I slept till 10 am which is the latest I have slept in a long time! Thank you Jaron! (Sean was working for those that don't know.)
Then my darling husband cam home and said we got something in the mail. I was shocked when he handed me a check for $77. It was a settlement with a company we had business with and honestly we never expected it. Now for some $77 isn't much in most cases it won't even fill up you gas tank...specially now that Ike has blown through...which is a whole other part of today's adventures. Anyway, Sat. morning I was figuring out some bills and realized I had two more bills that have to be paid by Tuesday. Well figuring out the budget for the week I figured we would be $75 short. God not only met my need He exceeded it. Thank you Lord! You see in order for me to be able to go to The Unstoppable Conference we have had to pinch every penny and squeezed every piggy bank but I went and we are not at all sorry that we had to sacrifice for me to go.

God knew what I needed and boy has He continued that healing, refreshing and He is still working on me even a week later. I can not tell you the burdens, the chains the darkness that has lifted from me. Yes I still am batting with depression but God is really doing something remarkable with me. I just can't explain it.
Ok on with today...I went expecting God to meet me at the church. When you go expecting you better be prepared to receive! He came in like a holy fire! I am not sure if anyone else felt His presence during worship but I sure did! HMMMMM..... It was SO GOOD! I never get to stay in the whole service. I always take the kids out after worship for children's church. This week was no different. of my volunteers who helps when I am unable to be there came back with me. She has the desire to teach the kids hand motions to our worship songs, to get them more involved and excited about worship instead of just sitting there the whole time. I think it is fabulous! So she came back with me and I taught the lesson about Joshua and Jericho! HMMM it was so good! I explained to the kids that Joshua had a promise from God that if he followed God's instructions he would take the city of Jericho. So we marched, we shouted and then I had them sit down and we talked about how the Holy Spirit can use them to be an agent for Him. That the Holy Spirit can guide them if they just take time to listen to His voice!

OOhh it was good and the kids listened! We even had some new kiddos show up and a few kiddos that haven't been in church in a while. It was a full room today! YEA! Then tonight, we had our first bells practice. The kids are learning to play bells to music and if we can master this one song then we plan to put on a concert at Christmas time and perform 3-4 songs. We tried to do this back in April. They were not into it and honestly I was so depressed I didn't want to do it and had no patience to even try. SO I said I will wait till it is truly God's timing. Well let me tell you God spoke so clear to my heart at Unstoppable that it was time and that I have to get these kids excited about ministry or I am going to loose them when they get to junior high school age. It was very clear to me. I took the week to pray about it making sure this was the right time. YES! YES! YES! Tonight was fantastic! I had 10 kids come out and 3 that planned to be there but were not able to come tonight. They were fantastic! They listened, hit every cue and I am just amazed! They are so excited about it! We even came up with a great name ~ Christian Rockers! They chose the names and then voted. They came up with the outfit ideas for our performances too...jeans and tie-died
t-shirts with the name on the back and a cross on the front. Now I have to get the shirts and get them made. They were so good tonight. We were able to practice the song straight through once without music and then 3 times with the music. I am just blown away with how things went today! THANK YOU ~ JESUS ~ YOU CAME IN AND TOOK OVER AND JUST BLEW MY MIND WITH HOW VERY THING HAPPENED THIS WHOLE DAY! You know when things move this smoothly that it has to be God moving amongst the kids! It was just awesome!
Now about IKE that devil of a storm! By the time it came up here it was a tropical storm and boy did we get the storm! We have tree limbs down everywhere. Our electric was flickering the whole church service. In fact during Sunday school it went off for a few minutes and then back on. But when I went into town this afternoon to get our new babies (kittens) some food, there was a whole corn crop that looked like a tornado went through it and just flattened a large area of the crop. I am glad we didn't have an official tornado but boy I feel for that farmer. They rely on there crops and his was surely damaged by the storm. W watched during Sunday school as tree limbs were flying and garbage was going from one yard to another. In fact our front yard looked like we had a party in it. A beer party at that. Our ditch was littered with beer cans every where. Funny thing is we collected cans at church for recycling to raise funds for the youth/children's dept. You better believe we are going to turn those in and get the blessings from those cans. So our day was full of adventure from the storms blowing in and the Holy Spirit moving in like fire! I sure am glad I know the God that can say, "Peace be still" and the storm stops! How about you?

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