Sep 18, 2008

Butterfly Tagging

This morning much to my joy I was able to go with the twins to their butterfly tagging field trip at Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge. I was excited because last year I was unable to attend most of the field trips with them due to my knee. But God is working a miracle in them. In fact I am now crutch and cane free! YEA! I still have pain occasionally and I still every so often need my cane but since returning from the Unstoppable Conference in Tampa Florida I have use the cane possibly 3 days out of the last 12 days! PRAISE GOD!
Anyhoo, Eli and Sara had a ball! Normally this program is only for 1st graders but this year they changed it a bit and allowed the pre-K groups through the public school system participated. We were able to catch monarch butterflies and a bunch of others like frittiliary and the sulfers. They mostly caught moths but we were able to catch a frittiliary and a sulfer. They tag the monarchs with very small stickers on the outside of their wings and are able to tract where and how far they travel. Most will head south towards Florida or Texas and Mexico. We had a great morning! Eli is exhausted and crashed when we got home!

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