Sep 10, 2008

Thoughts pondered

OK I am still having so much difficulty focusing on things of now! I mean I can't stop thinking about the Unstoppable Conference! I can't stop thinking about all my wonderful God orchestrated friendships that have been built on, created and rekindled! Gosh I miss those ladies so much! I would love to be sitting around the table again talking about "Ruckus", assistants that are naive, dogs with strange names (will not post it here!), just so much fun and laughter. It's amazing how God orchestrates things. How He moves and brings people together! I truly believe that I have some new lasting relationships with these ladies!

As I posted in a previous post I forgot my camera so I am borrowing some great photos from my dear friends. I am sure they won't mind.

This picture is of two great women! Pastor Deanna, Jessica S. and I. Deanna's daughter took this picture. This was like a few minutes after we met, if I remember right. Girls do I have that right?

This is a picture of the two wonderful ladies that I shared a room with while there. Sheryl and Carrie. Both awesome women of God! I had so much fun with them and Jessica on Friday night after the table laughter. We laughed ourselves silly till almost 3 am. SO much fun! I think all of us agree that we had a fantastic time.

While there I happened to purchase a book by Sandy Phinazee, "Quiet Places Where the Father Speaks." AWESOME! It's a 31 day women's devotional. All I can say is WOW! I started reading it on Monday and each day I have been ministered to through what Sandy has written. It really has been like a refreshing waterfall of the Word. I have had to reread it every day because it is just SO GOOD! Deanna you are SO RIGHT about this book! If you didn't get it ladies I highly suggest you contact Sandy and ask her how you can get your hands on it!

Tomorrow is our day off. Sean does not work at his secular job and we take this day off from church business unless an emergency takes place. Today I spent time just sitting at the alter praising God, praying and seeking Him for guidance about some things. I just can't get enough of His presence, even a small morsel is not enough. I was so dry and thirst before this conference. Despite all the scripture reading I was doing I was dry and thirsty. Now I am full but still thirsty. I can't get enough of Him! Have you ever been at a place where you feel like you are so full and yet you just have to have more and more. That is where I am right now! It's just not enough to spend a few minutes or even an hour in prayer, praise or scripture. God has definitely reached deep within me and brought life back into my spiritual walk and relationship with Him!

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