Sep 4, 2008

Florida...home sweet home!

So my airplane adventure was just that! The pilots must have been crazy because we arrived in NC for my connecting flight 30 mins early and then my flight into Tampa was 25 mins early! Now how amazing is that! I mean its not often that you get to your destinations early! To my delight, my brother Chris and sister-n-law surprised me with my Dad in the back seat of the car! He looks so good and is doing fantastic! Remember just 5 weeks ago he fell and shattered the top of his tibia. He really is looking good and doing well. The doctor says he is surprised at how well his leg is healing! I know it's the power of prayer that God is healing him from the inside out!
SO I am here in sunny Florida. YAY! I love my family and have missed then so much. I got to spend time with two of my nieces - Kaelyn & Kamiya and two of my nephews ~ Brock & Aiden. Kamiya was only 4 mo old the last time I saw her. She is such a sweet little thing. It makes me wish we didn't live so far from home. But IL is where God has placed our family and I believe that is where He wants us. I can't believe how much my nieces and nephews are growing. Geez in one year Brock is almost as tall as his mom. Watch out Leah in another year you will be the shorty of the family! LOL!
So, ok DID ANYONE SEE THE SPEECH BY SARA PALIN??? SHE ROCKED IT!!! I mean honestly, I love how she speaks. No holds bar, no political jargon. She is definitely a fresh face to Washington. The more I hear and read about her the more I like her! As for the media...good grief! Since when are they innocent? I mean we have all fallen short and sinned...hello that is why Jesus died on the cross and rose again! To save us from our sins! LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE I say! For heaven sake, if the media wants to attack the character of the candidates fine, but do it with dignity and leave the family out of it. I give Obama/Biden credit there, they too believe the kids need to be left alone! And as for this thing, Palin preaches abstinence and here is her daughter pregnant....hello people...have you ever heard of free will? I mean despite every parents wishes we can not control our kids forever and you can not make them do anything, they have a free will to chose and act on their own decisions. Does that mean Sara Palin should be attacked this way just because of her daughter? I don't think so!
No one is perfect who walks on this earth! NO ONE! I am sure the media will continue to drudge up things against McCain and Palin. I have yet to see them do the same against Obama and Biden. I think I know why...Obama seems to be the "messiah" to the media. Hello there is only one Messiah and He reigns on High! His Name is above all Names! He is King of all Kings! Jesus Christ is the only messiah who has every walked on this earth! If the media wants to hang the Republican party candidates they need to be fair and do the same with the Democrats!
Enough said! Sara Palin ROCKED IT TONIGHT! My favorite quote from the speech tonight ~

"Here's a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I'm not going to Washington to seek their good opinion. I'm going to Washington to serve the people of this country," she said. You go girl!

Watching her tonight, I just kept thinking ~ how many doors has this women opened up for my daughter! For my future grand daughters!


Now the reason I am in Florida....watching the for the UNSTOPPABLE Conference! How fitting is the name of that! After everything that has been against me getting here...I am here and I am ready for an outpouring from God! I know that Pastor Deanna and Pastor Tara have put their hearts and souls into this conference despite everything they themselves are involved with and have been dealing with personally. I am looking forward to the next few days! But I have to be honest...tonight when I called home to say good night to the kids...Sara broke my heart...."Mommy I like you (her way of saying I love you) I want you to come back, I want you to hold me, I will be good...Mommy I love you too" All with tears and sobbing. It broke my heart completely! I do miss them already and I miss my honey, Sean.
Sean if by chance you are reading this...I LOVE YOU! Thank you for braving the next few days alone with four kiddos! Thank you for supporting me and loving me unconditionally. I love you babe!

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