Sep 11, 2008


Do you remember where you were when the first tower was hit? I do, sitting with my grandmother, watching NBC's Today Show and talking to my sister-n-law on the phone...flipping out! As the events unfolded that morning, I realized that how I viewed the world and our safety here in America was fading. I grew up and at the time was living in Venice, Florida. Home to one of the flight schools that at least two, which included the main leader, of the terrorists that attacked NY that day had attended and learned to fly. In fact these two men actually rented a room from a family down the street from my brother and sister-n-law. We later learned that they had also rented a house from some friends of mine, Steve Kona. What a small world we live in. I will never forget what I was feeling and where I was on Sept 11, 2001. We had family in and around the World Trade Center Towers that morning when the towers were hit. Thankfully and by the grace of God all of them were able to escape and are physically fine. Emotionally they are still very much effected. My prayer today is that those that lost family members, friends and coworkers that morning will find peace in a loving Heavenly Father.

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