Oct 23, 2008


Why is it....when you want a pbj sandwich there is never any peanutbutter left?

Why is it....after pouring cereal and you realize there is no milk?

Why is it....on a rainy day the kids can't stop fighing no matter how many activites you give them to do?

Why is it....when you need two eggs to make a cake you only have one?

Why is it....when one thing breaks on the car more follow?

Why is it....when you are exhausted you can't sleep?

Why is it....when you really start feeling better you end up reinjuring the same old injury (yes I have reinjured my knee again...slipped on hidden water on the floor!)

Why is it....you set mouse traps and the mouse figures out how to still get the bait and ot get caught?

Why is it....teachers wait till a week before to inform you they plan to have a party and you have to provide something...HELLO we have 4 kids all having fall harvest parties ~ a little bit mor warning would be nice!

Why is it....you can plan a big event at church and either no one wants to help or show up?

Why is it....when you need answers no one can answer them?

Why is it....when you tell your children only one snack they end up devouring the whole box before you reaize it?

Why is it....even if you save every penny you have left to set aside it's never enough when an emergency comes up?

These are things that are going through my head and that I am dealing with today!
To many things are piling up on us and to be honest I feel like I am being attacked on all sides! YES I have the authority to smash satans little ugly puny head and I have been declaring God's promises over things going on but this week has been the toughest week I have encountered since coming home from the Unstopppable Conference. I know it's an attack I have no doubt about that and unfortunately in the physical realm there is nothing I can do about a few of the things we are dealing with but spiritually I am holding on to the Rock with everything I have!
Wanting and needing a breakthrough this minute, today, this week, this month, this year!

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