Oct 9, 2008


more than I truly care to know! Once again we are on another medical journey with one of our kids. This just happens to be with Sara again. If you recall at the end of August she was hospitalized for severe stomach cramping. The doctor never figured out what the problem was and we gave God the glory for healing our baby. We still are. Well two weeks ago we went to a WIC appointment. WIC is a wonderful program and I highly advise all mothers to be and of small children to check into it. It truly is a blessing.
Anyway, while at the appointment we were made aware that Sara's iron count was low so they recommended we check with the doctor. So yesterday we headed to the doctor and then was sent to have blood work. While at the doctor's office Sara was complaining about her stomach again, something she does all the time. Sometimes because she is hungry, sometimes because she needs to go potty. But other than in August the pain has never stopped her from being an active little 4 yr old. So she also had the job of peeing in a cup. Which she thought was the funniest thing in the world.

Thankfully her blood work came back all normal but her urinalysis did not. She has all the signs of having kidney stones. I about flipped when her doctor told us that. So tomorrow she will be having a CT done to make sure there are no stones in the kidneys and make sure her kidneys are working correctly.

Am I nervous? You betcha! Freaked out that my little girl has to have this done, OH YEA! But I am also for Godly wisdom. Because to be honest the results at the WIC office weren't so low that I should have been concerned. Even our doctor was like those numbers aren't low enough to warrant any worry but being cautious because she has been ill we took her to the doctor and are thankful we did. God allow things to happen and my experience is that many times He does so that other things can be revealed. In this case that she has crystals in her urine indicating kidney stones. My research and Sean's sister has reassured us that this is actually more common than I ever knew. So please keep her in prayer tomorrow at 8:30 AM central time. We probably won't have the results till Monday morning. Either way just pray what may be there is passed without incident.

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