Oct 28, 2008

EWE something stinks..

OK all weekend we have had some strange smell in the house, near the corner I sit in all the time. NO, IT'S NOT ME! LOL! But seriously this smell has just gotten worse over the last few days. We have torn the house apart trying to figure out what it is. So yesterday I couldn't take it, and I flipped my chair over thinking maybe I was missing something. Still nothing there. I figured something had to have gotten trapped under the house. That is till I bent over and smelt the chair. OH MY GOODNESS! Oh the stink...I almost lost my lunch!
We have been dealing with mice since the weather is changing again. SO I dragged the chair outside gt a knife and ripped the back off...the stench that came out of that chair about knocked me over. It was so bad! Inside...a small dead mouse that had gotten trapped in the springs and cushion. SO bye bye chair. The smell was so strong from such a small creature.

I wonder....hmmmm

If our sins smell as bad as that dead mouse, why doesn't God throw us out like I have had to do with the chair? Sin is death therefore we can assume it smells like that dead mouse or worse. And yet unlike the chair a soon as we ask for forgiveness we are washed in the blood of Jesus Christ! Which makes us clean and pure in His sight! Thank You Jesus for grace and mercy and for the powerful blood that washes my stink away as soon as I bow before You and ask for forgiveness!

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mom interceding said...

Very interesting site. I loved the analogy you gave for forgiveness.
Blessings, Carolyn