Oct 8, 2008

I love my Husband!

I was tagged by my good friend Deanna to do this meme.

Here are the rules: grab the graphic and insert with these rules, in your post. Give at least 5 reasons why you love your hubby. List more if you want. Tag 5 people (or more) to play along and link to their blogs in your post.Then visit those women’s blogs and leave them a comment on any of their posts. Now that I have shared the rules, it’s my time to share my reasons:

1. He loves God.

2. He loves me unconditionally.

3. He is my best friend.

4. He is a good provider.

5. He is a fantastic father.

6. We work well as a team, he isn't the typical man who expects his wife to bow to him and kiss his feet (gross).

7. He supports all that I set my mind to do.

8. He helps manage the house, doing dishes, laundry, caring for our kids.
9. He manages to love me even when I am moody and snappy.

I could list more but I was told to at least list 5 and then tag 5 friends...which will be hard since I do not have 5 friends who have not already done this or actually blog...so I tag

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Jessica Smith said...

Hey, thanks. I have not every been tagged before...yeah! Thanks for that..hehe.