Oct 27, 2008

Events of the last few days...

We have had such an eventful weekend. It started Friday when Sean went to take the van to the mechanic. It wouldn't even start so we had to have it towed. Had to rent a car so Sean would go to work and finally got the van back late Sat. night. We have to go into town today to settle things with the mechanic and find out the damage. We still have to get the blower fixed or we will not have any heat this winter in the van. Which by the way we are suppose to be down to 28 degrees tonight...ugh! The first freeze/frost warning. I am so NOT ready for winter. I feel as if I have just been able to really start enjoying the outdoors again and mending to my garden and now things are starting to go dormant and after this week we will lose half if not all the plants. Only part of the seasons I hate is not having flowers all year long like in Florida.
So early Sunday morning around 4 AM I was sitting in our bathroom with the shower on full steam. Eli was coughing up his lungs it seemed. It got to the point we decided he needed to go to he ER. So I head with him there where he had two breathing treatments and an oral steroid. CROUP! It is scary to watch your child not be able to breathe right. I knew what it was, have dealt with it so many times with Kristofer. Kristofer seemed to live with breathing treatments for the first two and half years of his life but this time was the worst for Eli. Thankfully last night he slept through the night and s feeling a whole lot better today.
Friday afternoon after taking Sean to work the kids and I went fall leaf collecting. Jaron has a leaf project so we were hunting for different kinds of leaves. While on our drive we saw a bunch of the woolly worms. My camera is out of juice so I found some pictues of the worms. Found two different kinds and the moths they turn into. I have posted the one of them before but I will post them again. It is the strangest thing to be driving down the road at 55mph and see these things crossing the street. Specially the big black ones. We have one right now that is as long and wide as my index finger. The other kind is smaller in size but just as hairy. The kids love them and honestly last year we didn't see these things like we are this year. The farmers almanac say if you see them crossing the road going south or southeast we are in for a bitter winter. We will see.


Sharon said...

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Jessica Smith said...

Just so you know...I think you are awesome!