Oct 19, 2008


SORRY CHRIS AND NEIL and all you other Boston fans....RAYS WIN!!! RAYS WIN!!! RAYS WIN!!! YAHOOO! SO COOL! I can't wait to wake up Jaron in the morning. The Rays are his favorite team other than rooting for his daddy's team...NY Yankees. His first professional baseball game was to see the Rays play in Tampa. YAHOO! He is goin to be so stinking excited! I am too! I love that he is getting old enough now to enjoy watching the games with his dad and I. I love baseball and football too! Specially football but I love a good baseball game! Whihc by the way my nephew Brock had a double header today and won both games. He pitched a no hitter! Isn't that so stinkin cool! He is only 11. That boy has a future ahead of him. His daddy had a talent and Brock's is even stronger than his dad's! CONGRATS Brock...I love and miss you little man!

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