Oct 15, 2008

Shame on Denis Leary

OK this is a repost from a guest blogger: Angela from Memoirs of a Chaotic Mommmy.

Let me just warn you in advance there are some choice words that are not Angela's! They have been ** out. This is a quote from Denis Leary's new book. This really makes me upset! If anyone is a moron, it is Denis Leary! Sorry if I offend you but this quote offends me, a parent of an autistic child! You can read the original article at The Huffington Post.

In his new book:"There is a huge boom in autism right now because inattentive mothers and competitive dads want an explanation for why their dumb-a** kids can't compete academically, so they throw money into the happy laps of shrinks . . . to get back diagnoses that help explain away the deficiencies of their junior morons. I don't give a [bleep] what these crackerjack whack jobs tell you -- yer kid is NOT autistic. He's just stupid. Or lazy. Or both."

Truly he should have learned from Michael Savage's mistakes.

So, in the spirit of protecting our kids I have found the following:

#1 the book will not be released until November 18th.

#2 the publisher is Viking Adult and you can find them through Penguin.


"Fan Mail"

Apostle Pictures Inc.
(Production Company)

568 BroadwaySuite
301New York, NY 10012
(212) 541-4323
Fax: (212) 541-4330


Casdok said...

It is very offensive. People should not beable to profit our od saying such things about our children.

Jessica Smith said...

That makes me sick to my stomech! Sick I say. They WILL be hearing from me.